Data Integrity

Data Integrity is the accuracy and consistency of data over the whole life cycle. It is a very important topic, which needs to be addressed and covered well in order not to loose data, nor unauthorized access is granted and more. We can provide you with our standard solutions regarding Data Integrity.


Main problems to be addressed for all data inside an organization are:

  • Wrong data from wrong entries into the database
  • Change of state, which had not been detected, but should have been and ending up with wrong data
  • Alteration of data from someone different than the real raw data source (people, other machines, bots etc.)
  • Data proof of origin
  • Data proof of correct alteration of data (rectification of wrong data inputs, because you have a second data source for redundancy purpose)
  • Correct invalidation of data with root-cause analysis and CAPA
  • Backup saving and recovery
  • Data inaccuracy due to multiple site backup server
  • Master data and slavery data
  • Actual raw data, approved and unapproved copies
  • Conscious and unconscious data theft
  • Data misuse for misinformation, spam, spoofing, phishing etc.
  • Data extraction and falsification
  • Data modification during transmission (man-in-the-middle attack)
  • Overwriting of data
  • Unwanted deletion of critical raw data prior required retention time
  • Data Management through Digitalization, Internet-Of-Things, Blockchain, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Industry 4.0

US FDA definition of ALCOA:

  • Attributable
  • Legible
  • Contemporaneous
  • Original
  • Accurate

We help you to overcome all the problems regarding data integrity. We analyze your status quo and map your road to take for data integrity. Start today - our digital world does not wait. Just get in touch with us - we welcome your proactive approach. 


Data Integrity Checklist

Our Data Integrity Checklist asks you all possible problems regarding Data Integrity, which should be covered wether by a technical or organizational measure. Protect your data from unauthorized access and manipulation today. We help you staying ahead of the game of Data Integrity.



  • Standard Data Integrity Checklist (in interactive PDF Format)
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