Interim Management

You need asap an interims CEO or similar, due to a problem - we propose you competently what you are seeking. We assume the work of your last CEO and optimize your existing business model, increase liquidity and perform cost optimizations. In case needed, we reorganize the company. Your are seeking intelligent solutions, then you are right here. We develop your company further, so that it can be taken over safely after a crisis or a leadership change. We optimize your human-resource allocation and implement cost accounting and budget planning in your company - always looking to enhance the business model. Starting new technologies for future gains with minimal resources is an art, where we do our best. We introduce an efficient claims management and control it regularly. We use modern key performance indicators, which are reflecting the reality, which can be used for efficient decision making. In case a modern decision management system does not yet exist, we will implement it, so that you can make your decisions based on numbers, data and facts - we let the gut feeling for you. We are your management consulting and provide you with the specialists to this topic. Ask us: LEANspiration Consulting - your management consulting.

  • Budget Planning
  • Claims Management
  • Control of Business Model
  • Cost Accounting
  • Cost Optimization
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Liquidity Planning
  • Reorganization
  • Staff Management