LEAN Management

You are driven to achieve a higher productivity and being leaner than before. This is possible through the reduction of waste and unnecessary repetitions or delay times. When we are screening with you your process then we focus on the target and the actual situation and everything which is not intended will be reviewed. We are using lean tools, in case the problems are not obvious. There is no need using oversized measures, when common sense is sufficient. Most problems  can be solved easily skipping the complicated stuff.

In case there is an accumulation or anomaly respectively a lack of discipline, we will search for the cause and solve the root cause. Oftentimes the customer view is ignored, but in the end the customer is only paying for value. The customer focus is important and shows to the business management, what is not part of the product or the service. In case it is passively related to produce value, it has to be resized to the correct size. We are your management consulting and provide you with the specialists to this topic. Ask us: LEANspiration Consulting - your management consulting.

  • Customer Value
  • Delivery Capacity Increase
  • Increase Effectivity and Efficiency
  • Minimization of Work In Progress
  • Productivity Increase
  • Reduction of Lead Time
  • Ressource Availability
  • Waste Elimination