Singapore Formula 1 Circuit

Singapore Formula 1 Circuit

The Singapore Formula 1 Circuit joined in 2008 the night races like Bahrain and Abu Dhabi. The circuit is double hard than the city circuit in Monaco, but with the skyline and Marina Bay views it is one of the greatest Formula 1 circuits ever built. Singapore as a city is already a great place to live, but if you can feel the intense Formula 1 night race illuminated by the artificial lights, it's even more spectacular.


"The Marina Bay Circuit" is another street circuit as well as Monaco, the track demands the highest concentration from the pilots. There are no breathers.

Actually, however, the true Singapore character begins with turns, harassment, switchbacks and a kind of football stadium in which you drive under the grandstand. "

Not unique, but still rare is the direction of travel counterclockwise, as they are usually found in Abu Dhabi and Sao Paulo. 61 times, the pilots must orbit the 5,065 km long course.

Also for the race on the "Marina Bay Circuit" the Formula 1 cars are not equipped with headlights. Numerous light projectors powered by various individually secured electricity generators provide sufficient illumination of the runway.

After all, the racing cars reach top speeds of over 300 km/h. The slowest curve is traversed at about 80 to 90 km/h. This makes Singapore a fast street circuit, unlike Monaco. The narrowest point is ten meters wide, which corresponds to the maximum width in the Principality.

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