Bringing the world's most advanced Talent Management System to birth

Why on earth do we need best managed talents? In today's world of always faster spinning wheels, technologies, innovation and disruption - people play the most import part. So, caring about people and especially talents should be already common sense? No, not that far we could except from all our advances in civilization given as a gift from our great thinkers and implementers. The most important question we should ask us every day is:

Why are we not yet there, where real talent management could be? 

We started of this question end last year and saw implemented steps and parts of a system, a rough diamond, which could lead to perfection for all our talent related issues we have to deal every day, because mostly today's stuff is decided by, yes you guess it, by people, but did you ever asked why and why one person prefers this than that and saying at the same time to the other person, you are completely wrong. This is, because of our different personality types (and a lot of other stuff) where we have a unique way of dealing with things which is most time different from others. So, we started on January implementing what we thought was a sound system for managing talents. On February we processed the first talent application through the system and got the first interview automatically scheduled and as well the implementation of five companies. Beginning march we already had scheduled automatically 50 interviews. At the end of March, we reached 500 processed sessions with talents and start April had over 600 IQ tests performed.

Here are our results:

  • 78.1 % reduced internal recruiting costs (interviews, diary management, evaluations etc.) 
  • 72.0 % reduced HR management costs (payoff, support etc.)
  • 52.3 % reduced external recruiting costs (fees, job postings etc.)
  • 47.8 % happier staff (custom-fit selection, better facilitation of strengths)
  • 41.9 % longer seniority on average of the whole staff

The systems freed-up 4.5 FTE's and only the CEO has to perform the interviews with the talents. From A to Z everything automated in-between no space any more for non-added value and time waste, but a lot of quality time!


  • Access to new technology gains you competitive advantage in a war of talents
  • High performance technology development
  • We are starting our journey with our first customers to be implemented - get ready!

Join us from the beginning! We hope to see you soon.