Data Privacy, when anybody can read your mind

We are just ahead of a big tipping point of human history by being able reading people's mind now with an easy wearable, which will be one day so developed that the electric signals from your brain will be captures whether by cameras on your skin or by wireless.

What is then still private you will ask? Yes, nothing. This technology will be in some years currently used by everybody, because it's faster to think than to speak. All governments will read your mind and think data. How can we protect us then? Surely there will be some devices disturbing or blocking these technologies, but indeed it will force everybody to think different from now on.

There will be places in future where you can rest and even pay for your mind privacy. The definition and discussion will be developed in the direction, not if we should or shouldn't read people’s mind, but rather about the classification and its enforcement. There will be still private and secret data, but these will be classified and encrypted. Is that scary? You may think now yes, but it will be common sense in some years. We are now at the edge to define what is really private and how it will be classified, encrypted and stored. Take the chance to do it better and systematically.

People will focus more on their mental and mind health and there will be training classes on that. There are as well a lot of discussion, whether AI will take over humans or divers. No, humans will always enhance itself by using AI as done with every technology. Therefore, we embrace the future, where people will have choices who live with disabilities thanks to our advances into the future.

Chris Renkewitz, Chairmen of AG

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