Ethnical Artificial Intelligence AI

Ethnical Artificial Intelligence

Ethnical Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be the most difficult area of development in the upcoming years. With ethnical AI you will get the best out of artificial intelligence, because AI has to lern all the rules of human society, otherwise it will run crazy and do, as we already saw, a lot of stupid or illegal stuff. Protection from AI and cyber threats will grow and be implemented as safe-guard of last resort.

Principles of ethnical AI

  • AI should never plan or do damage, injure or killing of humans and animals
  • AI should support our society in the best possible positive manner
  • AI should use it’s capabilities to advance people and society
  • AI should act as a worker for the new century
  • AI should implement and respect all relevant and applicable laws of the country the AI is used by its citizens
  • AI should be supervised by an intelligent algorithm and a human responsible

Ethics commissions for AI

There will be ethics commissions for AI be created in order to define, what is ethnically correct and not. They will define what is acceptable to be done by AI and not. Around this possible working range of AI people won’t work anymore, but will perform something else or nothing, depending on the systems evolution and the degree of the society.

Ethnical AI Control Algorithm

AI should be controlled by an intelligent algorithm, which can shut down the AI in case violations of programmed laws are recognized by its supervision algorithm. The programmed laws cannot be changed by the AI itself. Laws can only be changed by the responsible humans. The AI Control Algorithm is an additional security measure which is hardwired into the system and cannot be overwritten by the AI in order to be effective. It will sense possible violations of laws faster and more efficient than humans. 

Ethnical AI Responsible Person

The responsible person for the AI is responsible for the proper control for checking all ethnical aspects are met of the AI and in case shut it down to prevent further damage. In case AI would not be supervised and controlled by humans it can get completely out of control. In order to avoid this scenario, security measured have to be hardwired, which cannot be overwritten by the AI.

Governments in the AI age

Governments will be really stressed by a lot of AI working and operating inside their countries at high speed. Therefore governments will as well establish AI to control and make law accountable inside the country. This government controlled AI can then overwrite or deactivate transmission of wrongly used AI. Police and law enforcement will become therefore more and more digital as this market and its threat will grow. Out-of-control AI can shut-down the whole economy of a country e.g. by attacking power stations etc. Therefore critical infrastructure must be secured multiple times and life AI control must be enforced by the police and law enforcement agencies. An AI threat will be much bigger than just a small cyberthreat, therefore Cyber and AI Force will come up as the next military branches of a country.