Improving research and development in the pharmaceutical industry

Improving research and development in the pharmaceutical industry

We want to reduce the time to market of drugs in order that patients are getting really important therapies faster and that they are more reliable. How we would approach the existing R&D and how we would organize to reduce lead time? We would implement the following systems for this purpose:


  • Fast Decision Management System (FDMS) - No decision takes longer than one day
  • Streamlined Research Process (SRP) - A new systematic approach for validating drug research for avoiding unnecessary delays
  • Streamlined Development Process (SDP) - A new systematic approach for validating drug development for avoiding unnecessary delays
  • Drug Benefits Center (DBC) - The place where all drug benefits are tracked and how they work
  • Drug Excellence Center (DEC) - The place where all necessary R&D and launch production activities are tracked


Our goal is to streamline the pharmaceutical research and development process, for this we go the extra mile and propose the key elements, which we think will revolutionize the R&D in the pharmaceutical industry.

Fast Decision Management System (FDMS)

Built around the key stakeholders of drug research and development excellence and the process, in order to facilitate the long decision taking inside big companies. It’s a streamlined process aggregate, where decisions can easily flow between all relevant decision makers, influencers and people with a high believability. Once tailored it will speed up the whole decision process inside a big company, where it is required to pass several approval steps inside the organization.

Streamlined research process (SRP)

The streamlined research process shows all necessary steps at once and can be configured as required, but ultimately will enhance information flow and knowledge transfer during the research phase of a drug.

Streamlined development process (SDP)

Once the research gives over the drug to the development, the development process will trigger all relevant topics to be checked and covered during development and clinical phases. Ensuring a smooth information and knowledge flow, in order to speed up the process.

Drug Benefits Center (DBC)

Know which benefits the drug can deliver and how it’s working incl. side effects as fast as possible. The main purpose of a drug should always be very clear and understood, because tomorrows drugs become more and more complex through personalization.

Drug Excellence Center (DEC)

Having a drug excellence center where all processes and activities are tracked and monitored at once is the key being ready for commercial launch. Each drug has its own pace, but they all need to be tracked and streamlined as they continue to follow the process.