The future of health care

The future of health care

The future of our health care system will be one of the most stressed ones in the near future. Drugs are getting more specialized and expensive every day. The overall health care system costs a lot of money and costs increase every year like it did before. Generics is not a sufficient answer addressing that issue. No, it will be the digitalization of that sector, which will bring long-term the costs down and will result in a complete redesign of the overall health care system as we know it today. Means you will see more technology and less humans inside the system in order to reduce costs efficiently. Then drug design and testing will be completely redesigned and nearly fully automated.

Technology is entering into health care

Big technology players like Google, Amazon and Apple are already in the game in trying to deliver solutions, which will cost less and will increase health care benefits. Soon there will be systems to deliver hospital quality care inside your home only by robots and AI. There will be as well more and more systems available and ready to check easily your overall body health and issues within minutes (health check centers). The more our health care system will be stressed by baby-boomers, the more technology companies will come up with solutions, that's what we have already seen and it will continue to the degree where health care will be nearly a synonym for technology.

Redesign of drug research and development

Today a lot of research and development is done by humans on a slow productivity pace, but in future AI will become fully to play with all the data it has been feed now. Then, AI will lead the drug research and development process to a much higher efficiency level as humans can imagine and of course AI is working 24/7 trying to deliver outstanding results for patients worldwide. Humans in this process will just oversee the overall process and will act more less like a veto system to the AI. The testing of drugs will be fully done by robots in a fast pace and delivering the feedback of the results in real-time to the AI, which will then check or modify the drug during the testing process in order to increase efficiency of the drug and its therapy all fully documented. 

Eradication of all diseases

The health care focus of the next 50 years will be to eradicate all possibly known diseases. Here lies the potential for growth and developing humanity further. All people will have access to these treatments, which will increase the planets population and overall well-being. The first steps are done in the moment with the vaccination of a lot of people everywhere. The combination with the technology sector will bring overall diseases down like the spreading of the internet and social media worldwide. Scaling technology health care solutions will be the key to reach that aim.

Key facts

  • Drugs will be exclusively designed to your antibodies and later DNA structure
  • Drugs will have an inbuilt Quality- and Safety-by-Design approach, controlled and delivered by AI
  • Diseases will automatically be recognized by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the extensive use of Big Data inside your smartphone
  • Recovery after injuries and disease tracking during therapy will automatically be controlled by AI on your smartphone
  • The doctors easy tasks today will be outperformed by AI on your smartphone, only in complicated issues the AI will automatically call the emergency hotline and will provide all data to the doctors and hospital system for adequate patient preparation
  • For recovery and patients with physical limitations there will be more and more robots helping the patients on a rent-a-robot base