Why we will loose all our jobs to robots and AI

Why we will loose all our jobs to robots and AI

The next revolution just started with the introduction of the internet, robots, bots, Big Data, Blockchain and AI. In the fast future a lot of existing companies will struggle to keep up with robots, bots and AI spread all over the internet which will explode after the introduction of the 5G Internet of Things (IoT). It's not a matter if, but when exactly 80% of all actual existing jobs will be performed a lot faster, more reliable, with no downtime, costing nearly anything and a lot better through robots in the real world and their virtual friends bots and AI. They will be the ones, working all the time and even repairing and improving themselves every single day. So what will become with us humans, you surely ask. You could think we will reign the robots and the powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its use of Big Data, which will grow exponential, when reaching the critical point of self improvement. No robots, bots and AI will communicate ultra fast compared to humans and even "thinking" will be a lot faster, because they have no barriers, no feelings and they are hardwired. Actually they will keep us as pets in best case, putting us in some kind of "prepared world" just for us, if you are lucky - you could call it "paradise", because everything will be done for you. Robots, bots and AI capacity of recognizing, processing and acting will be rapidly faster than humans could ever be.


The controversy

You will start arguing that this will never be the case and that it could ever be like this. Ok, just hold for a moment and just check: artisanal, steam machine, typewriter are they still >20% active working and gaining a lot of terrain and money? Nope. Just look at the last 100 years of accomplishments and then imagine the future. Yes, technology change is coming faster as you can think. What today is hyped, give it some years and it will be nearly forgotten (vinyl, tape, mini-disc...). Technology change is not linear, it's exponential, because it facilitates itself automatically into the next stage. In the moment you are still writing and telling to the machine - just think inverse and see the machine telling you what you must do. You can see this pattern everywhere, when the machine got brilliant doing something, you are better off giving the job to the machine. Look what has happened to pilots due to the autopilot, which one day will take-off and land the plane alone without any pilot. The same you are experiencing with the introduction of self-driving cars. Who will be in future a car driver or a cab driver? Yes, you name it: retro people, though a small minority having fun while doing some retro stuff (e.g. vinyl today).

The espace plan

Stop doing your work and start thinking and acting: what can be how automated by robots and AI. How this will work and can I make or manage it to the degree that I won't be replaced by a machine. People who tend not to prepare anything will be surprised by this phenomenon, that nearly all jobs will be replaced by machines and they will be caught unprepared and unadapted to the new needs. Don't think that you have a transition period like from typewriter to personal computer or from no internet to internet - no, technical innovations will come faster and faster. Prepare your escape plan now and become a high skilled specialist at robotics, bots and AI today. The old world of working for a job will fade out and disappear. This is why big companies like Apple and Microsoft try to get programming skills into schools. Why do you think that would be necessary, considering our world won't change? It will and faster than you want it to happen. Soon in future Social Media will be watched as a funny retro thing, where they didn't know what's coming. Do you see real newspaper still a lot? No, everybody stares instead into his smartphone. Stop doing what you do and reinvent your job. These people have a good escape plan, others won't and their jobs will be erased.

The facts

  • Over 75% of workers using enterprise applications will have access to intelligent personal assistants
  • Over 67% of consumers worldwide used a chatbot last year
  • Over 60% of internet traffic are bots
  • Over 56% of US households are using smart speakers and over 50% use it daily
  • Over 55% of consumers would like to have their news being pict by a bot 
  • Over 50% of the people would like chatbots. They are actually saving 20 millions, but 8 billions predicted in 2022 (85% usage)
  • Over 47% of consumers are open to buy items through a chatbot
  • Over 42% of consumers use digital assistants
  • Over 31% of business executives think virtual personal assistants will have the largest impact on their businesses
  • Over 27% of consumers weren't sure if the last chat interaction they had was a human or a bot
  • More than 60 millions Americans use min. one time a month virtual assistants like Siri, Cortana...
  • More than 35 millions Americans use voice-activated assistant devices like Echo, Google Home...
  • All developed countries are starting AI and robotics sponsoring by government